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Sales Enablement

Through sales enablement, we support each and every one of your employees to do their job even better. How? By giving everyone exactly the knowledge they need to be "enabled" to work successfully.


What is Sales Enablement?

Through sales enablement, we support each and every one of your employees to do their job even better. How? By giving each team member exactly the knowledge they need to be "enabled" to work successfully.  

Why does my company need sales enablement? With our service to more success:  

We establish structures that enable employees to do their job better - enabling means making someone more successful.

Florian Gottschall, Head of Business Enablement

Digitalisation is advancing and sales in particular must adapt to the new reality in order to be successful. This includes empowering all team members to respond to these new developments. Buyers are better informed than ever and have almost unlimited access to a wide range of offers. In order to remain competitive here, sales enablement is the key to success.

Where exactly is enablement ultimately used in a meaningful way? We distinguish between the following three areas:

Effective onboarding

Employee development

Career planning in the company

Enablement for effective employee onboarding

Together with you and your teams, we design the way in which new employees/colleagues are prepared for new challenges. A new team member who is "taken by the hand" from day one and has a structured plan in place will get to work much faster than without this support. The time between the start and the first turnover should be as short as possible, yet the quality standards of our on-boarding structures are very high. The right balance requires a good concept and a lot of practice. You can only become a good tennis player if you practice enough. Especially for team members at the beginning of their career, coaching and training is extremely important. We take you to the tee line and accompany you in building, training and developing the necessary skills.

  • Development of structured & scalable OnBoarding activities
  • Scalability (especially important for growth phases)
  • Time-efficient onboarding of new employees
  • Quality assurance, feedback and optimisation of existing processes
  • Operational excellence for your own brand
  • Introduce and consolidate an on-boarding structure
effective employee onboarding

Enablement for effective staff development

We train and coach your teams for more efficiency and ease on the job. In this way, we achieve that many more employees fulfil their individual quotas and are able to do their job even more successfully.  Tennis players also practise between matches. We discover blind spots and fill the gaps with skills, sales methods, training and exercises for the design of a structured employee development programme. In this way, you actively support the individual development of your team members.  A desirable side effect of our activities is the increasing employee satisfaction and the associated decrease in fluctuation, which massively saves/reduces costs. Not to forget: the enormous increase in employer attractiveness that is achieved through such employee development structures.

  • More efficiency in new customer acquisition
  • Creating stronger customer loyalty
  • Introduction & implementation of staff development programmes
  • Time and Priority Management (Account Planning)
  • Building a sustainable academy / learning structure
  • Lifelong learning
effective staff development

Enablement for career planning within one's own company

Are your people well-trained, efficient high performers? Then it would be more than unfavourable to lose precisely these employees - because finding them is usually hard enough. Those who discover perspectives at work have incentives for their own development possibilities. This promotes motivation and willingness to work. We prepare your colleagues for their personal career path. Specifically, we accompany them in learning and training towards new challenges within your company. Even if you are above average in your job, this does not automatically mean that you will master the next step on the career ladder just as well. Responsibilities and daily tasks often differ greatly. Finding the right challenge to take on further is then the be-all and end-all. Once this decision has been made, we accompany the employee while the current job is still being performed.

  • Achieve more internal applications
  • Binding know-how to one's own company
  • Use competitive advantages
  • Increase employee satisfaction
career planning

It’s scoping time.

Our very first step on the road to helping you succeed. This involves 2-5 days full of questions, which we address to you. Our methodical approach enables us to evaluate not only the current state, but also measurable goals that need to be achieved.

During this time, we talk to the prospective trainees about their experiences in everyday life, note down the management's goals, collect and interpret big data from existing CRM systems, check the interfaces between the departments and analyse the external image. The tools (applications) you use are also part of the Big Picture. Depending on the enablement area, a concept for the most successful enablement structure is developed based on this data - individually tailored to your company.

It’s enablement time.

The implementation consists of creating content for training, coaching and workshops. Online, remotely as well as on site. The topics we identify - together with you - can be very diverse. You can look forward to our scoping results. It contains concrete suggestions for topics, tailored to your situation.

Here is a selection of possible topics/sessions that we can offer. Please feel free to contact us directly:

  • Land your business
  • Objection handling
  • Modern Selling
  • Consultative Selling
  • Win-Win-Negotiation
  • Expand your business
  • Key Deal Reviews
  • Common Language
  • Successful Consulting
  • On the Job Coaching
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