Interim Management


We take over the development and management of your sales team for you in order to sustainably increase its performance and efficiency. We provide you with an experienced manager from our broad community (Director of Sales, VP Sales & CSO). In every interim project, it is our aim to bring both team members and processes to a higher level in the long term.


How interim management increases your performance

An experienced manager from our community will take over your growth or sales team in the first or second management level. We let our many years of experience flow directly into your team. This is how we take its performance to a new level in the shortest possible time.

How do we achieve this for you? We create sustainable structures and help to make the right decisions. We ensure sales growth, develop your employees further and thus relieve not only your management, but your entire management.

We are happy to adapt to your actual needs. Due to our flexibility and our broad interim community, we can take on interim positions with a time investment of 20 hours per week for 3 months as well as full-time for up to 12 months. You get what you need from us.

We can offer you the following interim positions:

Head of Key Account Management


Head of Customer Success


Head of Sales


Head of Sales Development


Head of Sales Operations


Chief Sales Officer


What sets us apart

Strong expertise from experienced managers

Professional project scope and high focus on results

High time flexibility and short-term availability

Support from the entire Cremanski & Company team

Transparent and clear pricing model

Many years of sales leadership experience in digital companies

Our Customers

Movinga leave its sales performance on the various levels, which relate to distribution and staff management. Cremanski war after comparing the best choice, the political choice of their long experience in the field. The Cremanski team analyzed all KPIs through number-driven analysis and management lossy to ratings.

Finn Hänsel

Cremanski has optimized the sales strategy for us, implemented data-driven sales processes and built and coached a strong team. Thanks to Cremanski, our sales have grown by an incredible 300% within a year. Absolute sales professionals with mega execution.

Julian Riedelsheimer
Managing Director

Before Cremanski & Company, we thought sales meant one thing above all else: speed. Now we know that you don't just have to run fast, but rather in the right direction in order to achieve your goals. With your help, we were able to optimize our sales processes, set up lead generation and management on a sustainable basis, and learn to set the right impulses in recruiting and talent development. Thanks to a sophisticated CRM, we can now plan sales and incorporate the right KPIs into the corporate strategy. We look forward to further cooperation!

Peter Lecour
Managing Director

From my own experience Cremanski & Company is my first choice for all issues relating to sales, sales organization and process management. For years Michael has shown beyond the borders of Berlin that he knows what he is talking about. He combines a process-oriented way of working with emotional intelligence and thus helps employees to surpass themselves.

Christian Miele

Cremanski supported us professionally and efficiently in framing our processes and organization at a time when we have grown considerably. I look forward to further cooperation.

Goran Buvac
Head of Business Development

In addition to its detailed knowledge of models and tools, Cremanski & Company impresses with its "out of the box" way of thinking, especially with regard to creative sales arguments.

Stephan Heller
Managing Director

As part of the strategic realignment of our B2B sales, Cremanski & Company has done an excellent job: In addition to the entire strategic development of B2B sales, the sketching of lead generation and detailed argumentation development, Cremanski & Company has developed a comprehensive sales process taking our operational circumstances into account. I was particularly impressed with how quickly they were able to understand our business model. These guys love what they do, go the extra mile and identify 100% with our success. We are already looking forward to the joint implementation.

Letitzia Luperini
Managing Director


Robert Anders | VP Sales Services

As VP Sales Services I live and work in the areas of sales and communication. In fast-growing startups such as Groupon, Travelcircus and most recently Comtravo, I helped my sales teams in a managerial position to increase sales of up to 300% per year. I know how modern sales work, I have already managed sales teams up to a size of 30 employees and trained as an NLP master coach and business trainer. 12 years ago I was still active in the pedestrian zone. Most recently at Comtravo, I was in charge of the entire SDR and Account Executive Team - Mid Market and Enterprise.

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