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Career at Cremanski & Company

We are a consultancy founded in 2018 with the goal of digitizing European growth departments. If you're also interested in building growth organizations and revolutionizing the way sales works, then you've come to the right place!

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Established in 2018

Cremanski Who? -
Cremanski & Company!

As a boutique management consultancy, our mission since 2018 has been to assist European sales departments with the digital transformation.

With our broad expertise, we help start-ups and scale-ups achieve sustainable, well-structured and data-driven growth. Just as every company needs a unique system to optimize structures and processes, this is equally true for our Cremanski team. Supported by our diversity, we can proudly claim to deliver the best possible outcome to our clients through the many different perspectives.

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#1 Employer of All Management Consultancies in Berlin

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Top 5 Employer for All Small and Medium-Sized Businesses in Berlin

We Rely on Diversity

Employees from More Than 15 Nationalities

Why Cremanski &

For us, a happy team, personal development and working together on our mission is the basis for the best possible result. That's why it's important to us to create a framework in which you feel comfortable!


We love your individuality

Our journey together begins with strategy. We delve into your unique business dynamics to craft a custom Revenue Strategy and DemandGen Strategy. We then map out your Customer Journey and compile all this knowledge into your bespoke Revenue Playbook. This playbook will be our shared guide for the adventure ahead.


We are aware that we work with individuals! That's why we rely on "flexibility as possible" and trust-based working hours, because Cremanski & Company should fit well into your life and not the other way around.


You never stop learning

Once we've solidified your strategy, we get our hands dirty. Our team takes charge of Salesforce Implementations and other Revenue Tools Implementations. We're committed to transforming the strategic blueprint we've created into a real, tangible structure that drives your growth.


As mentors, experienced employees pass on their expertise to all colleagues and at the same time learn from their fresh perspective. Our flat hierarchies offer everyone the chance to draw on the entire knowledgebase.
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Positive Vibes

Culture beats Strategy

With your new systems implemented, we focus on integration. We're here to streamline your Revenue Operations, optimize your Business Processing, and conduct insightful Data Analysis. Our in-depth Strengths and Weakness Analysis and Channel Analysis ensure your entire organization is tuned to the same frequency, creating a symphony of success.

Positive Vibes

All employees on site can look forward to a sunny & modern office in the heart of Berlin, with a high level of feel-good comfort, open workplace design and the necessary technical equipment. As a remote-first company, we don't want to miss out on the togetherness. That's why we make it possible for everyone to participate in office life from time to time - through events or simply in between.


Become Part of The
Cremanski & Company Team

At Cremanski & Company, we weave together strategy, implementation, and From the heart of Berlin or remotely from all over the world.
Our team consists of over 50 employees with 15 different nationalities. Since many of our team members speak two or even three languages, we can not only say "Your Digital Sales Experts" in 16 different languages, but also learn from our unique team every day. Cremanski & Company believes in the power of diversity and the power of uniqueness. This gives us the opportunity every day to think outside the box, take on new perspectives and develop innovative approaches to solutions - and that makes us stronger, all together!to create a tapestry of success for our clients. Come, explore the stories woven into this tapestry, and see what we could weave together for you.

Team Spotlight

Sr. Sales Operations Manager

quote Cremanski & Company CmbH

I was looking for a position in Sales Operations & Consulting and an employer where I could develop my career. After discussions with various stakeholders, I was convinced to continue my career here. I am always impressed by how open and tolerant everyone in the team is. We respect each other and everyone has the opportunity to show and develop their skills. Two things I particularly appreciate about Cremanski: 1. my colleagues: They inspire me and I feel very supported. and 2. that I can learn something new every day.

Salesforce Consultant

quote Cremanski & Company CmbH

What excites me most about my job at Cremanski is that I work with many different clients. My work has the right amount of challenges, which means I'm constantly developing. Two things I particularly love about our company culture: I am surrounded by very smart people and we work at a high level, but at the same time place a lot of emphasis on having fun at work. What characterizes us at Cremanski: The whole team looks out for each other and treats each other as equals.

Junior Project Manager

quote Cremanski & Company CmbH

I think it's great that we at Cremanski actually live the company's communicated values. For me personally, they are a great help when it comes to making decisions. I can always refer to these values, and that reduces stress. Cremanski offers its employees a lot of trust and flexibility: remote work, flexible working hours, and the opportunity to come to the office in Berlin every now and then. Another thing I appreciate about Cremanski's culture is the regular team events - especially if you work remotely like I do, these events help build relationships on a different level.

Join Our Journey: Passionate Team, Diverse Expertise, and Transformative Projects

Discover Cremanski & Company: Where Excellence Meets Innovation

Welcome to Cremanski & Company. If you've ventured this far, you've glimpsed our commitment to driving success. With our impeccable clientele, robust stability, and a team that radiates both diversity and brilliance, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched solutions. Our captivating projects not only highlight our prowess but also underscore our dedication to innovation and excellence. Dive in to explore how we're making waves in the consulting realm.


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