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Salesforce Implementation & Managed Services

Our team of experienced sales strategists, Salesforce administrators, project managers and architects will support you in the implementation and further development of your Salesforce organisation.



Flexibility and sustainability in your sales processes

"How flexible and adaptable is our chosen CRM system as we scale?" Compared to all other CRM systems on the market, Salesforce proactively supports your growth. Salesforce adapts to your processes and reacts flexibly to any process changes, ideal for start-ups, scale-ups and medium-sized companies with growth ambitions.

Rising learning curves, real-time data and data-driven decisions

The learning curve in sales rises and falls with the quality of the data in your CRM system. Salesforce, if implemented properly, provides first-class information on the customer lifecycle, the performance of individual sales activities and sales staff, forecasting and, above all, pipeline health. Decisions are made proactively, no longer reactively.

Process clarity and transparency in sales

Your revenue teams work towards the ONE goal of delivering a unique customer experience through stringent sales processes that are 100% system-supported by Salesforce. Handoffs between revenue teams are standardised and reliable. You can see where your customer is in the customer journey at any time. This increases your conversion rates and supports your growth.

Power of individualisations and integrations

Thousands of integrations and applications can be quickly and easily integrated with Salesforce. From now on, your new CRM system serves as a single source of truth in which data from a wide range of company departments flow together, are prepared and processed into meaningful dashboards and reports. There are no limits to the possibilities of integration.

Salesforce Partnerschaft

Official Salesforce Partner Germany


At Cremanski & Company, we have made one thing above all our mission: we want to help start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs with high growth ambitions to achieve data-driven, sustainable and highly efficient sales. Our main focus is on structured and customer-centric sales processes that start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs can use as a basis to take the next step in their growth. We are experienced sales strategists, Salesforce administrators, project managers and architects and implement customized and scalable Salesforce organisations for our clients in all industries.

Design & Structuring

In a first step, our design team, always consisting of a business consultant, several solution architects and a project manager, will guide you through your current processes in detail. Our experienced team puts its heads together, enriches the processes with proven best practices and designs your customized Salesforce solution according to their specifications.

Implementation & Quality Assurance

All system requirements were worked out by our team of experts down to the last detail. Now the implementation of the desired overall solution begins. Defined use cases are implemented after your approval, tested and deployed under high quality assurance requirements, always with the goal of creating a CRM system that enables data-driven sales and structured growth. You will be given access to JIRA to fully monitor the progress of your project at any time. Weekly coordination calls also guarantee the success of the project.

User Enablement & Salesforce Academy

With the new CRM system, you reach a decisive milestone towards data-driven sales and structured growth. However, the heart of the department remains your employees. Our first-class user enablement programme and our own Salesforce Academy ensure that your users can benefit from the advantages of the new system as quickly as possible through individually customized learning content.


We are a certified Salesforce partner with Gold status. In the last few years, we have strategically developed or completely redeveloped more than a hundred Salesforce organisations. Each of our projects incorporates proven best practices from our experienced Salesforce administrators, project managers and architects. We also work closely with our sales consultants to ensure that all implementations and Salesforce projects meet the expectations of a digitalised, data-driven sales department. We have specialised in the following Salesforce Clouds over the last few years:

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Field Service Cloud


Salesforce Implementierung


Design and Scoping
Solutions are designed for the respective requirements and converted into exact use cases for Salesforce. These are then scoped in detail and presented to the customer.
The defined use cases are implemented in Salesforce and transparently documented via the Cremanski & Company Community.
Quality Assurance & Testing
All implemented use cases first go through an internal Cremanski & Company Quality Assurance. In this process, the use case is tested by a second person and any sources of error are eliminated. Through the Cremanski & Company Community, every step can be transparently tracked.
UAT & Finalisation
After successful QA by Cremanski & Company, the use case is tested by the client and the feedback implemented.
Go-Live of the Use Case
Once the use cases have been approved by the customer, they are deployed. In addition, Cremanski & Company prepares and hands over documentation for all implemented use cases for future development.d
User Enablement & Salesforce Academy
Our world-class User Enablement Programme and our Salesforce Academy ensure that your users can reap the benefits of the new system as quickly as possible through customized learning content.


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