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The best CRM system does not help if it is set up incorrectly. It is therefore essential to choose the right system for your sales needs and then tailor it to your own processes. This is the only way CRM systems can relieve you of work. At the same time, your sales department becomes more transparent and scalable and your sales staff can concentrate even better on the most important part of their work - the customers.

official Salesforce partner

With us you have an implementation partner at your side who can incorporate his experience and best practices from both the Salesforce and the sales world into your project. All of our team members are multiple certified and always learn the latest best practices and innovations in the Salesforce system through regular training.

As an official Salesforce partner, we have the opportunity to give you a free and non-binding demo of the system. One of our Salesforce consultants will guide you through an exemplary Salesforce Org. Then we can work out together to what extent Salesforce makes sense for you.

Signs that you should use Salesforce.

It lacks a clear view of contact information, orders, and interactions for each customer.

You don't have an overview of what your sales reps are doing and which customers they are in contact with.

You don't have automatic reports and analysis of the progress of your sales team.

You do not have a defined process for planning and promoting your growth.

All interested parties receive the same information - regardless of which phase of the buying process they are in.

Your sales reps also communicate with potential customers on the go, but not all notes are properly recorded.


Salesforce CRM only helps if it is well thought out and set up correctly. It is therefore particularly important to us that our project teams not only consist of experienced project managers and system architects during implementation, but that they always have an experienced manager from sales. In this way, we can be sure that the projects are not only carried out in a technically sound manner but that best practices from sales are also applied. In this way, we ensure that our expertise and our experience, which we have built up over the years, can be fully incorporated into every project. The systems that we set up are always up to date.

Salesforce Partnerschaft

Our Salesforce implementation process

CRM Implementation Prozess
Design and scoping
Solutions are designed for the respective requirements and converted into exact use cases for Salesforce. These are then scoped in detail and presented to the customer.
The defined use cases are implemented in Salesforce and transparently documented via the Cremanski & Company Community.
Quality Assurance & Testing
All implemented use cases first go through an internal Cremanski & Company quality assurance process. In this process, the use case is tested by a second person and any sources of error are eliminated. Every step can be transparently tracked through the Cremanski & Company community.
UAT & Finalisierung
After successful QA by Cremanski & Company, the use case is tested by the customer and the feedback is implemented.
Go-Live des Use Cases
Once the use cases have been approved by the customer, they are deployed and the stakeholders are trained (if desired). In addition, Cremanski & Company prepares and hands over documentation for all implemented use cases for future development.

The Cremanski & Company Community


We are passionate Salesforce users ourselves and attach great importance to transparency and documentation, because your future setup must constantly evolve.

Therefore, every customer gets exclusive access to parts of our own Salesforce Org, in which your implementation is completely managed and everything is precisely documented.

This enables you:

  • Faster, safer and more transparent overview of the current status of your projects
  • Overview of all use cases and their current implementation status
  • Overview of all to-do's in which you have to provide input for certain use cases
  • Easy and quick communication with the project manager via Chatter
  • Access to the documentation of already completed use cases
  • Easy way to request new use cases or report bugs

What sets us apart

Salesforce Partner

Strong expertise from experienced managers in digital sales

Salesforce Partner

Professional project scope and high focus on results

Salesforce Partner

Transparent and clear pricing model

Salesforce Partner

High time flexibility and short-term availability

Salesforce Partner

Best practices and a large network with well-known experts

Salesforce Partner

Longstanding digital sales experts and certified Salesforce partner



Movinga wanted to take its sales performance to the next level and was therefore looking for support in the areas of sales, sales analysis and employee management. After a few comparisons, Cremanski was the best choice, especially due to her many years of experience in the field. The Cremanski team has managed to sustainably improve all KPIs through number-driven analysis and management.

Finn Hänsel

Cremanski hat für uns die Verkaufsstrategie optimiert, datengetriebene Sales-Prozesse implementiert und ein starkes Team aufgebaut und gecoached. Dank Cremanski sind wir innerhalb eines Jahres mit unserem Umsatz um unfassbare 300% gewachsen. Absolute Sales-Profis mit mega Ausführung.

Julian Riedelsheimer
Managing Director

Vor Cremanski & Company dachten wir, Sales bedeutet vor allem eins: Schnelligkeit. Nun wissen wir, dass man nicht nur schnell, sondern vielmehr in die richtige Richtung laufen muss, um seine Ziele zu erreichen. Mit Ihrer Hilfe konnten wir unsere Sales-Prozesse optimieren, Lead-Generierung und Management nachhaltig aufsetzen, beim Recruiting und Talent-Development lernen, die richtigen Impulse zu setzen. Dank einem ausgereiften CRM können wir nun Sales planen und durch die richtigen KPI nachhaltig in der Unternehmensstrategie berücksichtigen. Wir freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit!

Peter Lecour
Managing Director

Aus eigener Erfahrung ist Cremanski & Company für mich die erste Anlaufstelle für alle Themen rund um den Vertrieb, die Salesorganisation und das Prozessmanagement. Über die Grenzen von Berlin hinaus zeigt Michael seit Jahren, dass er weiß wovon er spricht. Seine prozessorientierte Arbeitsweise rundet er mit emotionaler Intelligenz ab und verhilft Mitarbeitern so sich selbst zu übertreffen.

Christian Miele

Cremanski hat uns professionell und effizient beim Framing unserer Prozesse und Organisation in einer Zeit unterstützt, in der wir uns stark vergrößert haben. Ich freue mich auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.

Goran Buvac
Head of Business Development

Cremanski & Company überzeugt neben seinen detaillierten Modell- und Toolkenntnissen durch seine "out of the box" Denkweise, speziell im Hinblick auf kreative Verkaufsargumente.

Stephan Heller
Managing Director

Im Rahmen der strategischen Neuausrichtung unseres B2B-Vertriebs hat Cremanski & Company exzellente Arbeit geleistet: Neben der gesamten strategischen Entwicklung des B2B-Vertriebs, der Skizzierung der Leadgenerierung und einer detaillierten Argumentationsentwicklung hat Cremanski & Company einen vollumfänglichen Salesprozess unter Berücksichtigung unserer operativen Gegebenheiten entwickelt. Ich war besonders davon beeindruckt, wie schnell sie in der Lage waren unser Geschäftsmodell zu verstehen. Diese Jungs lieben was sie tun, gehen die extra Meile und identifizieren sich zu 100% mit unserem Erfolg. Wir freuen uns bereits auf die gemeinsame Implementierung.

Letitzia Luperini
Managing Director

Your contact person

Jan Hepke | Senior Vice President

I bring my many years of sales experience and leadership skills to all ongoing projects and consultations. I am a specialist in building scalable sales organizations. Transparent and data-driven sales processes, excellent CRM systems and sales tools, which significantly increase the efficiency of the entire sales team, are guaranteed for you by me. Because I listen, understand, analyze and drive the right individual sales implementations, I raise both new and existing sales organizations to a new level.

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