System Implementation

We will help you to choose the right system landscape and take over the implementation, perfectly adapted to your needs and processes.


With the right system landscape to success.

The best system does not help if it is set up incorrectly. It is therefore essential to choose the right system for your sales needs and then adapt it to your own processes. This is the only way systems can relieve you of work. At the same time your sales department will be more transparent and scalable and your sales staff will be able to concentrate even better on the most essential part of their work: the customers.
Cremanski & Company Team

Hand in hand with data-driven, automated sales processes.

At Cremanski & Company we ensure that all of our system implementations keep pace with the times and meet the highest standards. In addition to an experienced system architect, one of our experienced sales managers is also involved in each of our projects. All of our implementations are characterized by a strong combination of both roles. In this way, we ensure that our expertise and our experience, which we have built up over the years, can be fully incorporated into every cooperation and every project.

Experiences Sales Leader
Experienced System Architect

Salesforce implementation partnership

Since October 2019 we have been implementing and optimizing Salesforce organizations of various companies and company sizes very successfully. We have also been an official Salesforce implementation partner since summer 2020.

With Cremanski & Company you have an implementation partner who will incorporate his experiences and best practices from both the Salesforce and the sales world into your project to a very large extent. Our expertise and our technical know-how about Salesforce, as well as our knowledge and the experience of our sales managers, will ideally align your Salesforce application to your needs and market conditions.

Do you want insights into an efficient and transparent Salesforce org? Feel free to book a Salesforce demo from us.

Our Customer


“We want to internationalize with a multi-channel sales approach!”

Aurel Albrecht


Lano enables companies to manage all of their freelancers via one platform. The first year was used to sharpen the business model and generate a solid base of active customers.


In a 4-day management workshop, the foundations for a scalable and data-driven sales organization were created.


The analysis showed that the sales department including the responsibilities had to be restructured and that the chosen CRM system did not fit the future needs and growth goals of Lano.

As a first step, Cremanski & Company redefined the customer journey and restructured the sales department, including all responsibilities, based on this. In addition, a new CRM system, which was able to map Lano's needs, was selected and implemented. The team was then trained on the new structures.

Your contact person

Jan Hepke | Senior Vice President

I bring my many years of sales experience and leadership skills to all ongoing projects and consultations. I am a specialist in building scalable sales organizations. Transparent and data-driven sales processes, excellent CRM systems and sales tools, which significantly increase the efficiency of the entire sales team, are guaranteed for you by me. Because I listen, understand, analyze and drive the right individual sales implementations, I raise both new and existing sales organizations to a new level.

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