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Sales Services

We support you operationally in lead generation, sales operations, coaching & interim management.


We offer you, what you have been looking for.

With the Sales Services from Cremanski & Company, we close the gap in your sales organization for a transitional solution. In Interim Management, an experienced manager takes over your team as Interim VP Sales. Our experienced sales coaches train your employees and managers efficiently. Would you like to improve the quality and quantity of your sales leads or are you looking for a temporary Sales Operations Manager? Our Lead Generation as a Service and Sales Ops as a Service programs were created precisely for such cases.

With the sales services from Cremanski & Company, you will quickly achieve more success and more fun in sales.

Are you just rebuilding your sales department? Are you looking for a position in the areas of lead generation and sales operations? Because your sales department is currently without an experienced manager, are you looking for someone who can lead and promote your employees at short notice? In order to fully exploit the potential of your sales staff, a coaching and employee development strategy is a good idea. If you feel addressed, it is worth taking a look at our sales services.

Interim Management:
We support you in leading and management of your sales team in order to sustainably increase its performance and efficiency and to promote your employees based on their strengths. We provide you with an experienced manager from our broad community (Director of Sales, VP Sales & CSO).

Coaching & Leadership Development:
For the sustainable development of the organization, it is essential that employees and managers receive constant feedback and are encouraged. Our Service Coaching & Leadership Development guarantees exactly that.

Sales Operations as a Service:
We provide you with an experienced sales operations manager for strategic support in order to carry out important analyzes and create the necessary reports. In this way, processes are optimized and sustainably developed.

Lead Generation as a Service:
In close cooperation with you, we build systematic strategies for lead generation via various channels, which we then carry out and oversee for you in daily operations.


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