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After analysing your sales organisation we will strategically improve your sales structures and build transparent processes that will help you to raise your sales performance to a new level!


We help you to set up a structured, scalable and data-driven sales department.

Ultimately, it's always your own employees who make sales success. With clear structures, transparent processes and data-driven development of all team members, your employees feel comfortable and are better at what they do every day - selling. Our consulting service adapts to your needs and your market as well as your business model, is individually tailored to your employees and unleashes potential that will sustainably increase your sales figures.

Together to a scalable sales organization.

Together we will first create a comprehensive analysis of your current sales system. We have a sharp and detailed view when it comes to structures, processes and sales strategies. We talk to the employees, check your entire system landscape, especially your CRM system, and take a close look at the sales materials and your sales arguments. You will then receive a detailed analysis report that shows your individual potential and gives you clear recommendations for the next steps. In very close cooperation with you, the optimization then begins. Together we master every challenge!

Sales processes: We discuss questions about your current processes and thereby create transparency. How efficient are they really and where is a clear definition missing? We will show you how you can exploit your full potential and achieve a smooth processing of customers.

Design der Sales Organisation: Which sales areas are there in your company? Who is responsible for the customer at what point in time and when is which information transferred and how? We'll show you how you can make your sales organization more efficient and thus perform better.

Go-To-Market & Sales Strategy: What is your customer promise? What arguments do you want to use to arouse the interest of potential leads? Which sales strategy are you pursuing and how can it get the most out of your sales?

Customer Journey: What has to happen before the customer buys? What strategy do your sales employees use? We outline your ideal customer journey and develop steps that ultimately lead to the goal.

System landscape:  In what way do the implemented tools and systems make it easier for your employees to sell? Which automations can increase the performance of each individual? So that your employees can completely focus on the customer and sell with maximum efficiency, they must also receive maximum support.

Sales Intelligence: How data-driven is your sales organization? How analytically can sales and marketing-relevant data be evaluated and used? Which KPIs, dashboards and reports help you to evaluate and analyze generated data? We help you to measure the performance of your employees and to generate data with which you can proactively improve processes.

The new status quo of your sales department

  • Greatly increased sales productivity
    Your sales activities will be more efficient, more target-oriented and more successful. Resources can be used profitably.
  • Clearly demonstrable increase in sales
    The resources gained from the increase in productivity are put into other sales activities. So you close more deals and achieve higher total sales.
  • Reduced fluctuation 
    With a good data structure and sales intelligence you will understand exactly what the strengths and weaknesses of the individual employees in sales are. As a result, the employees feel maximally supported, can do more and are more satisfied. All feedback discussions are based on objective numbers and KPIs and training courses address individual needs
  • High data quality
    The new structures - especially those of the CRM system - clearly show when and where your system needs which data and input.
  • Meaningful dashboards & reports
    The data you generate for all sales activities is so well structured and prepared that dashboards and reports show exactly what is about to be completed in the sales pipeline.

  • Big increase in lead quality
    Due to the sales intelligence, it is possible to determine in a very short time how easily accessible and how high-quality the targets are. Since you no longer have to wait for the full sales cycle, you can react quickly to possible learnings and become active.

Our Customers

How do we increase our sales tenfold over the next three years?

Philipp von Gilsa

Challenge develops new software products that incorporate both real-time data, room levels and the exact location data of people. The goal is to scale the company's turnover from € 5mio to € 50mio


In a 4-day management workshop, the foundations for a scalable & data-driven sales organization were created.

Result has restructured the team structures along the customer journey and created clear responsibilities. In addition, the processes around the sales funnel have been restructured, creating transparency over the entire sales cycle. This transparency helps management and operations to act better and, above all, faster. The foundation for the planned increase in sales has thus been created.


Signs that your sales potential has not yet been exhausted

Marketing and sales have no common metrics and KPIs.

Salespeople have to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks instead of working on the customer.

Reporting always means manual expenditure of time and imprecise figures.

Individual employees cover the entire process, from lead to sales.

When there is a lack of transparency about the performance of individual employees.

To understand the sales pipeline, individual salespeople need to be interviewed.

Your contact person

Michael Jäger | Founder & CEO

In 2018 I founded Cremanski & Company and have been making all strategic company decisions as managing director since then. I am a broadly networked and experienced expert in structuring, developing and building highly scalable sales organizations. For every need, every market and every business model, I find individual solutions, suitable strategies and the right structures to achieve set sales targets. Sales increases of up to 400% within one year, over 5 million monthly revenue and the successful management of 120 sales employees in 4 different countries are among my greatest successes. In close coordination with all our customers from all industries, I develop concepts for efficiently structuring your sales team. I will get every potential out of your sales employees and turn them into successful sales managers. My credo: Make the central role of the sales organization better and more efficient through data-driven processes!

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