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At What Stage of My B2B SaaS Startup Should I Get Started with RevOps? And Why at All?

At what stage of my B2B SaaS startup should I get started with RevOps?

In short: When I as a Founder aim for structured & sustainable growth.

When our clients at Cremanski & Company ask me about the perfect time to get started with RevOps, they usually crave:

➡️ data driven decisions & possibility to actively steer business

➡️ complete visibility & accountability across all teams

➡️ single source of truth for data as well as SOP´s

➡️ consistent, efficient & predictable business growth

➡️ an overall better customer experience

The good thing? That’s exactly what RevOps is about.

As the strategic entity of your company, RevOps enables you to grow structurally and sustainably by focusing on revenue architecture and aligning all Marketing, Sales and Customer Success teams across the entire customer lifecycle by using one growth stack. This closes upcoming gaps in the customer lifecycle, increases productivity in all teams, makes handovers between individual teams more efficient, eliminates data silos and enables companies to incremental phase by phase optimization.

And what is the challenging thing about RevOps? To finally get started.

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My personal recommendations, here you go:

1️⃣ Define GTM Model & Strategy with clear financial goals, KPIs and structures which you want to achieve in the current phase.

2️⃣ Set up a strategic & tactical RevOps role in your company where the VP RevOps is at the same level as VP Marketing, Sales and Customer Success.

3️⃣ Define a streamlined end to end customer journey and data model including all commercial teams and implement it into system & operations.

4️⃣ Ensure the 4 functions of RevOps are enabled in the team: operations management, rev enablement, insights, and tools.

5️⃣ Give RevOps the needed mandate to ensure transparency and alignment across the departmental silos in the commercial team and get everybody used to a process driven and efficient working mode.

As many B2B business models focusing on recurring revenue, companies are forced to think beyond the initial purchase. For startups, the big bucks can be collected at the back end of the customer lifecycle, specifically in Customer Success. In my opinion this is just one essential reason to invest early in RevOps.

Who is with me? Who disagrees? I really like to hear your thoughts.

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