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quote Cremanski & Company CmbH
At Cremanski & Company, our goal is to help B2B companies achieve efficient and predictable growth through effective processes and structures and the implementation of appropriate systems. We pride ourselves on helping companies like yours achieve their goals and realize their full growth potential.
In 2018, Michael Jäger founded Cremanski & Company with the overarching goal of supporting Tech and SaaS Startups in achieving commercial excellence by focusing on revenue architecture, aligned growth goals and an end-to-end defined data-model aka customer journey. He is a true expert in structuring successful revenue organizations, creating demand, revenue processes focused on employees, and building and implementing efficient growth structures within companies. Throughout his career, he has successfully built sales organizations in companies from various industries and founded three of his own companies. He also learned the fundamental importance of a strong company and team culture that prioritizes individual team member development. With his extensive network in the German startup and entrepreneurial scene, he is always up to date on developments and trends. In addition to his work at Cremanski & Company, he is involved in various other projects and companies as an advisor.