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Europe’s #1 Consultancy for Revenue Teams

At Cremanski & Company, we’re your holistic partner, specializing in customized revenue strategies, meticulous implementation, and comprehensive end-to-end customer lifecycle management, all geared towards realizing an impressive 27% average revenue increase potential.

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Speed Up Your Growth Org with Revenue Architecture Backed by Our Insights from Over 700 Successful Projects.

Accelerating Your Growth

Our structured end-to-end customer lifecycle management, which we refer to as ‘The Revenue Architecture’, delivers a remarkable 27% average revenue increase potential. This approach focuses on streamlining processes, implementing detailed structures, and optimizing systems, empowering all your revenue teams with an efficiency boost of over 20%. Additionally, we help reduce costs by addressing employee turnover, which can result in savings of up to 35%. Discover how we can transform your revenue team’s effectiveness and accelerate growth.

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Presenting our distinguished clientele! We collaborate closely with visionary B2B tech and software companies, intricately shaping their comprehensive Revenue Architecture. Take a look at who we have already served.

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A Tapestry of

At Cremanski & Company, we weave together strategy, implementation, and enablement to create a tapestry of success for our clients. Come, explore the stories woven into this tapestry, and see what we could weave together for you.


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How We Support You

Unlocking Performance, Maximizing Efficiency, Shortening Customer Journeys, and Reducing Employee Turnover - Discover how we support you for success.

Unlocking Performance Excellence

We empower your revenue team members to excel in their roles. We provide a customized Revenue Playbook, streamlined customer journey design, clear goal-setting, Go To Market Strategy, strategies for enhanced performance, and data-driven optimization through RevOps and Demand Gen and Marketing Strategy. Elevate your team’s capabilities and achieve remarkable results, right from the beginning.

Maximizing Efficiency for Growth

We assist your company in achieving more with less effort by empowering your team to reach its full potential. Leveraging the flexibility of Salesforce or other CRM systems and implementing efficient tools for streamlined revenue processes, you can optimize your operations to realize an efficiency boost of over 20%, resulting in an enormous effect on increasing the OTE to revenue ratio.

Shortening the Acquisition Cycle

Explore how our wide range of services create a clear, streamlined end-to-end customer journey and leverage data-driven insights from RevOps to quickly understand and meet your clients’ needs. Learn how to drive satisfaction, faster conversions, and impressive revenue gains.

Reduced Employee Turnover

We cultivate a thriving work environment, resulting in a reduction of employee turnover by up to 35%. We boost happiness through enhanced structures and processes, facilitate ongoing learning and development, digitize workflows, and automate CRM systems to streamline data maintenance. Invest in your team’s success for long-term stability and growth.

Where Every Individual Is Empowered to Grow

Introducing Cremanski & Company: a Berlin-based consultancy empowering B2B tech and software companies to shape their holistic Revenue Architecture. We embody 'The Cremanski Spirit,' built on trust, respect, and collaboration. With unwavering values like fairness, radical honesty, responsibility, curiosity, impact-focus, and courage, we create an environment where every team member excels. Learn more about us by clicking the linked page.

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