sales success.
achieved by people, supported by data,
coached by us.

We enable companies to grow sustainably, well-structured, and data-driven.




We help you to translate your company goals into the right strategy and drive topline revenue.
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We help you to define the right processes to make your sales transparent and data-driven.Read More


We help you to develop your employees on a data-driven basis and to increase their performance.
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We help you to select the perfect tool stack for your sales engine and to fully implement the systems.Read more



Understand and benchmark your business to uncover specific gaps and opportunities for optimization!


Create strategies, processes & workflows to reduce costs and help you grow faster!


Implement better processes into your working environment and boost performance as a result!


Train your leadership and key stakeholders according to the implemented processes and workflows!


Movinga wanted to put their sales performance to a next level and was therefore looking for support in the areas sales, sales analytics as well as people management. After comparing Cremanski with other companies, they were our first choice partner because of their longstanding experience in this field. Through data-driven analytics and management, the team of Cremanski managed to sustainably improve all KPIs.

Finn Hänsel

Cremanski optimized our Sales strategy, implemented data-driven Sales processes and developed a strong team trough intense coaching. Thanks to Cremanski we could increase our revenue by incredible 300% within a year. Excellent Sales professionals with an outstanding execution.

Julian Riedeslheimer
Managing Director

Before we met Cremanski & Company we always thought Sales is being fast after all. Now we know, that you not only have to run fast, but also and especially in the right direction to reach your goals. With their help we were able to optimize our sales processes, set up a sustainable lead generation and management, improve our recruiting and talent development and learn how to set the right impulse. Thanks to a fully developed CRM, we now can manage our Sales and implement it in our company strategy through the right KPIs.

Peter Lecour
Managing Director

From my own experience, Cremanski & Company is the first address for me when it comes to Sales, Sales organization and process management. Not only in Berlin but also beyond, Michael proves that he knows what he is talking about since years now. His process-orientated way of working is topped off by his emotional intelligence that encourages team members to surpass themselves.

Christian Miele

Cremanski helped us to frame our processes and organisation for the scale-up phase in a very professional and efficient way. Looking forward to working together with them in the future again.”

Goran Buvac
Head of Business Development

Cremanski & Company convinces not only by their impressing model- and tool-knowledge but also through their „out of the box“ way of thinking, especially regarding creative pitch and selling points.

Stephan Heller
Managing Director

During the strategic makeover of our B2B-Sales, Cremanski & Company did a great job: beside a holistic development of our B2B strategy, the scetch-up of our lead generation and a detailed and individual pitch development, Cremanski & Company built the whole Sales-process in consideration of our operational structures. I was mainly impressed how fast they were able to understand our business model. Those guys love what the do, go the extra mile and identify 100% with our success. We are looking forward to work with them on the implementation.

Letitzia Luperini
Managing Director


Consulting Services

We offer hands-on consulting services with a focus on sales. From the strategy to the definition of scalable processes and lead generation tactics. We help your company to achieve sustainable, structured and data-driven growth.

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Growth Due Dilligence

If you are investing into or buying a business, you want to know exactly what you are getting yourself into. One of the most critical determinants of company's future performance is it's sales engine - and how it is set up.

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Go-to-market Workshop

The first step into the market is one of the most critical points in time for your business and product. We support you to define the right strategy in order to reach the right target audience on the right channels.

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Analyze selling points

The perfect pitch – everyone aims for it, but how do you get there? We support you by analyzing your selling argumentation and customer communication to then eliminate all weak spots we can find.

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Growth Intelligence Analysis

We aid you to better understand the weaknesses in your reporting structure and help you to build a solid sales intelligence that is based on full transparency and scalability, and robust data.

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Account management process analysis

Build on what you already have: we help you to identify untapped business potential by focusing more your existing accounts and their management.

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Employer branding analysis

Employer branding got critical for any kind of organization: we support you to analyze self-perception and the perception of others of your employer branding and to align them better in the future.

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Michael is the founder as well as the heart and soul of Cremanski. Based on more than 10+ years of experience as a founder, VP, several C-Level positions, and advisor, he decided to broaden his scope to do what he always did: building successful companies by building unique teams and processes. His entrepreneurial intuition and skillset are only exceeded by his unique talent to inspire and motivate people by bringing out the best in them and focusing on all the things that make humans good. Throughout his career, he learned how to use data to reinforce intuition and to perfect processes and how this can be used to push your business forward.

#salesstrategy #growthorganisation #salesprocess #gotomarket #mentoring

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Throughout his career working in several start-ups and climbing up to C-Level positions, Jan mastered any system you can possibly imagine. Always focusing on how automation, data, and analytics can make our lives easier, he is one of few who have the talent to not only execute and excellently lead a project but also to make it cool, fun and valuable for the whole team. With his enthusiasm and extraordinary leadership and communication skills, he is one of the most valuable people we ever had the chance to work with.

#leadgen, #marketingautomation, #salesintelligence, #salessystems

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Her passion for people drove Julia to pursue a career in human resources. With her vast experience in head-of positions at various start-ups and medium-sized companies, she knows all the essential ingredients for a great company culture, for unleashing people’s potential and performance, and, ultimately, for strengthening your employer brand.

#companyculture, #recruiting, #employerbranding

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Daniel excels at creating the perfect synthesis of a truly creative mindset and a thought-out, holistic, and cross-channel approach to marketing. In time of social media, where a strong brand is a key asset, he knows how to take it to the next level.

#branding, #contentmarketing, #mediastrategy, #programaticadvertisement, #marketingtech

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Signs you should contact us:

  • You still manually report into excel on a weekly basis
  • You need to ask your salespeople to understand the sales pipeline
  • You have a high fluctuation in your sales department
  • You use a CRM which is not tailored to your sales organization
  • You need to generate more leads
  • You need a strategy to bring your product to the market