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Accelerate your growth with revenue architecture and our learnings from over 700 projects.

We help B2B tech startups achieve efficient and predictable growth by implementing streamlined processes and structures with the support of appropriate systems, leveraging the expertise of over 50 professionals.

If you had to triple your Sales in the next two years, would you know where to start?

  • Learn to scale your business through good processes and achieve revenue increases of up to 400% within one year.

  • Benefit from our learnings from over 700 projects, make fewer mistakes and save time in achieving your growth goals.

  • Reduce complexity through unified systems, data, and processes and gain full visibility into your customer journey.

  • Achieve your goals through autonomous, structured and efficient collaboration of your commercial teams.

While some tech companies consistently struggle with their growth targets, others seem to exceed them with ease. planable, efficient and sustainable growth is not a matter of magic. Nor does it have much to do with luck or even harder work. Because there's a pattern that the world's most successful tech companies follow, to scale their business much faster and sustain that growth.

Why we accelerate your Growth

At Cremanski & Company, we know this pattern and have developed a holistic approach with our revenue architecture, which we have already used to successfully help more than 500 tech startups achieve good structures and steady growth. As one of the largest commercial startup consultancies in D-A-CH and countless learnings from various projects, we are able to answer any commercial question guaranteed and solve it hands-on. We don't do referral marketing with 200 PowerPoint slides, pat you on the back and then disappear again. No. We work hands-on, go into implementation with you and take full responsibility for what we do.

What most B2B Tech Startups struggle with 

Define the revenue process across the entire customer journey and work with a holistic data model.

Alignment of strategy, processes, tools, people and data.

Enable senior leadership to efficiently scale the business with real-time, data-driven insights.

Our entire range of services at a glance:

Our Company Brochure contains clear information on our services (Consulting, System Implementation, Sales Services & Coaching, Sales Recruiting Services) as well as interesting facts about us, our company values and project successes, including expert advice!
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Our approach to efficient Growth

Tech Startups need to keep growing to secure follow-on funding at realistic valuations. But the financing markets have turned 180°. The focus is no longer on growing at any price, but above all on achieving this Growth in a particularly efficient and cost-conscious manner. That's why Sales Executives and Founders have made Revenue Architecture a top priority in 2023. We have proven the value of our approach in more than 700 Growth projects with over 500 Startups.

Vision & Goals

At the beginning, we scrutinize your unique value proposition and strategic roadmap to a sustainable competitive position. To lay the foundation for your Revenue Architecture, we define clear goals and KPIs with you and align all future activities with them.

Business Model 

We support you in aligning your business model and customer behavior. By validating and defining the pricing and offering models of each customer segment, we ensure a scalable cost structure for sustainable Growth.

Go To Market

Creating real added value for the customer is the key to success. For your successful Go To Market motion, we jointly align the customer journey, sales strategy, processes, systems and people.

Data Model

We help your team implement a process that can quadruple the customer lifetime value of your customers. To leverage the full potential of recurring revenue, we ensure that the Customer Success team tracks and continuously improves customer satisfaction. 

Insights-based Optimization

We know and implement systems and tools that fit you perfectly and ensure high-quality data. Based on these insights, you will always be able to identify blockage sand Growth levers and evaluate progress towards your goals.

Do you dare to be among the 1% of Startups that achieve both PMF and GTMF?

Only 4 out of 100 companies successfully achieve Product-Market Fit, and very few truly scale their business. While some luck and timing in the market also play a role in achieving Product-Market Fit, success in Go To Market Fit and Scaling depends entirely on how well your commercial strategy is developed and executed. Since we know your specific challenges, we know exactly what your next steps are. We distinguish between three different Growth phases and start where you are right now.

Product Market Fit
The main goal of this phase is to determine in a structured way whether your product actually serves an existing demand in the market.
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Go To Market Fit
The main goal of the Go to Market phase is to learn how to sell your product to your ideal customer at a defined price. The goal is to build a repeatable and scalable Revenue Architecture.
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Growth & Scaling
The main objectives in the Growth and Scaling phase are to leverage the established Revenue Architecture and best practices to achieve optimal and cost-effective Growth. 
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Our team consists of over 50 employees with 15 different nationalities. Since many of our team members speak two or even three languages, we can not only say "Your Digital Sales Experts" in 16 different languages, but also learn from our unique team every day. Cremanski & Company believes in the power of diversity and the power of uniqueness. This gives us the opportunity every day to think outside the box, take on new perspectives and develop innovative approaches to solutions - and that makes us stronger, all together!


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