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Hands-on process consulting

Strategies and processes for transparent and efficient company growth

We analyze, optimize and transform sales teams of scale-ups and medium-sized companies. We have proven to increase sales per employee by 10-20%

Europe's #1 growth consultancy

500+ satisfied customers

2.5x faster than in-house operations teams

Cremanski Hero BG
500+ B2B Companies rely on our expertise
The challenge

The desire for stable growth and sustainable efficiency gains poses significant challenges for companies

Start-ups & Scale Ups

We support scale-ups in optimizing the processes and structures of revenue teams to establish a solid foundation and enable hyper-growth phases with maximum efficiency. Through RevOps as a Service, we accompany our clients with a focus on GTM (Go-to-Market), controlling and data-driven optimization.

 Medium-sized Companies

Digital transformation determines which companies will remain successful in the long term. We support sales and growth teams in this process, bridging the needs of our customers with our expertise. We formulate strategic objectives from this and optimize implementation hand in hand until the desired results are achieved.

Our Solution

A proven framework based on best practices for predictable growth and maximum efficiency

Why our framework always works?

We deliver results 2.5x faster than in-house teams.

500+ companies structured

Experience Matters! Since 2018, we've facilitated over 750 structuring and transformation projects in more than 500 companies. We've translated this knowledge into methods and frameworks, laying the groundwork for both our success and that of our clients.

Clear Customer Journey

With our meticulous attention to detail, we structure the complete journey and interactions of your customers with your company. A precisely structured customer journey forms the backbone and most crucial pillar in sales, and is an essential prerequisite for sustainable revenue growth.

All-in-One Solution

We are your 360-degree partner for growth. Our drive is the success and satisfaction of our customers. We identify potential, guide through challenging phases, and ensure that our clients benefit sustainably from our collaboration.

How our collaboration works

Month 1: 360° Diagnosis of Growth Teams

Comprehensive Analysis

Strategic and operational diagnosis of the current state of your sales and sales-related departments

Drafting of an individual roadmap for sustainable growth enhancement

Best practice initiatives for short-term implementation and ensuring ROI

Month 2: Planning and Goal Setting

Setting Goals and Roadmap Design

Establishment of various goals and metrics such as revenue, KPIs, efficiency targets

Transitioning from top-down planning to developing operational measures and initiatives

Alignment of all commercial teams to ensure that the plan is fully supported and pursued by each team

Month 3 - 6: Architecture and Implementation

Establishment of Key Pillars for a Successful Revenue Architecture

Pillar 1: Designing a Best-in-Class Customer Journey

Pillar 2: Defining cross-departmental standards and processes in a Sales Playbook

Pillar 3: Technical implementation of the Customer Journey into the existing CRM tool (or initial setup of a new CRM)

Pillar 4: Establishing Revenue Operations as an integral part of the company's structure

From Month 6: Optimization and Efficiency Enhancement

Continuous Analysis and Optimization of Operations

Analysis and efficiency optimization of every step of the Customer Journey

Continuous and sustainable development of processes, standards, and workflows in daily business

GTM (Go-to-Market) Execution & Controlling: Ensuring that defined structures and processes are adhered to

What Our Customers say

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Valentin Firak

CRO, airfocus

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Kishan Gupta


As we rapidly expanded and hired many talented minds from around the world as AEs and SDRs, we sought solutions to comprehensively and uniformly train the team. 

The open and effective communication with Cremanski & Company was excellent! Throughout our collaboration, we absorbed many interesting new ideas and perspectives. Additionally, it was great that some of our assumed certainties were challenged, and we were promptly presented with alternatives.

David Turnbull

VP Sales


On recommendation, we came to Cremanski & Company, and already after the first calls, we knew that the team knows exactly what it's doing. The collaboration saved us a lot of time compared to learning through trial and error. The collaboration was very responsive, and Cremanski helped us think through solutions from their experience that we hadn't even considered.

Kishan Gupta



After the initial conversations with Cremanski & Company, it became clear to us that they were the right partner for us. Not only did their open communication and expertise impress us, but also throughout the collaboration, their structured, data-driven, and innovative approach. We were supported with topic-specific insights and in-depth sales expertise.

Sven Steinert

Managing Director


What's great about Cremanski & Company is that they are the right partners for almost every sales challenge and can support us with advice and action. Whenever we encounter a problem or have a specific project that requires assistance, we rely on the team at C&C. They have helped us with topics such as LinkedIn outreach, structuring and optimizing our sales workflow, and implementing the CRM setup, among others.

Valentin Firak



Looking for Salesforce Support?

As an experienced Salesforce implementation partner, we are specialized in the design and implementation of customized, scalable Salesforce solutions. Whether you have an existing, but not optimized, system or want to set up a completely new CRM system: We can help you realize the full potential of Salesforce.