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quote Cremanski & Company CmbH
In contrast to "traditional" sales activities, the tech industry requires a high degree of tech affinity, data-driven approach, process orientation, and a deep understanding of customer needs. Only those who position themselves and bring together the right growth components can meet these requirements. I am excited to support Cremanski & Company as an advisor.
Martina van Hettinga is the Managing Partner and shareholder at i-potentials. As an expert in venture building and digital transformation, she specializes in C-level positions in both SMEs and startup environments. She has extensive experience in shaping leading German tech companies. As Chief of Staff at Team Europe, she played a significant role in shaping the development of the digital ecosystem in Europe. Today, she applies her expertise not only in her own company but also as a supervisory board member, mentor, and angel investor. Van Hettinga is the mother of twins and actively advocates for more diversity in leadership positions and committees, as well as for sustainable work models.