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quote Cremanski & Company CmbH
Sustainable and plannable growth is essential, especially in today's market conditions. For this, a holistic view of structures, processes and system landscapes is essential. Our experts support companies not only in structuring and implementing new structures and systems, but also in change management and operational execution. In this way, we can work together to achieve our customers' goals.
Jan Hepke is a Partner and original member of Cremanski & Company, leading the largest team as Strategic Leader of the Salesforce Department. With unparalleled knowledge of the Salesforce platform, he's helped multiple SaaS and tech firms maximize its advantages, earning high praise from companies such as TIER, Gorillas, ClimeWorks, and everphone. As former Chief Commercial Officer of the logistics startup ShareHouse, Jan understands commercial team challenges, using a structured and analytical approach to achieve clients' business goals. He inspires and motivates people authentically, leading teams to greatness with humor and professionalism.