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quote Cremanski & Company CmbH
At Cremanski & Company, a wealth of growth acceleration experience meets goal-oriented personalities who assist their clients in sustainably scaling their ideas. I am thrilled to now be supporting Michael and Jan strategically with advice and guidance, and I see immense potential.
Dr. Kerim Galal currently leads Corporate Development (Strategy, In-House Consulting & M&A) at TRUMPF. In his position, he is responsible for shaping the companies' future direction. Additionally, Galal has made a name for himself as a consultant and investor for technology startups. Prior to TRUMPF, Galal was responsible for innovation and digitalization at DEKRA. As the founder of the digital subsidiary "DEKRA DIGITAL", he was able to scale the company to a two-digit million euro turnover and around 200 employees. His extensive experience makes him a sought-after expert who acquired his skills and knowledge at McKinsey & Company.