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With our data-driven employee centric approach we increase individual performance, reduce fluctuation and enable you to act and grow company performance by multiple x%



Cremanski & Company is a sales consultancy company based in Berlin, Germany. In over ten years we have founded and built several companies in various industries. We have created successful sales teams for our own company and others - with revenues increasing by more than 500% in less than a year.

At the hyper-growth companies we used to work for, we were always on strict budget constraints and learned to act very smartly in order to achieve our ambitious goals. Well-designed processes helped tremendously to boost performance. They allowed us to act instead of reacting and helped us to have a fair and balanced work environment with record-low turnovers. And the best yet: they allowed us to achieve hyper-growth rates at incredibly low costs.

Backed by those successful experiences, we now want to share this knowledge with others. We believe that sales are a science that needs to be carefully designed in order to increase outcomes and boost efficiency. A data-driven, proactive management of your sales team will not only help people perform better, but also make them enjoy what they do.

Why? Because success and working in a well-structured work environment reduces stress, boosts performance, and therefore lead to higher employee satisfaction. This significantly reduces fluctuation.

We are there to help you to achieve exactly this. Furthermore, our approach will enable you as a team lead to make highly informed proactive decisions, reduce false forecasts, and increase individual and total performance.


We see fairness as the greatest good in life. We are therefore always committed to being fair to all stakeholders and always ask ourselves: “Is what I am supposed to do fair towards our clients, employees, partners, shareholders, friends, family and ourselves?”

Communication is key - in any aspect of our lives. And for us, good communication doesn’t mean to be as friendly as possible and losing half of what you wanted to say while trying to pack it nicely. Good communication means radical honesty in everything we do.

If we commit to something, we deliver! This is not only addressed to our clients and partners but also one of the strongest values for our working environment and team spirit. We can excellently work and achieve great things together - but only because we can rely on and trust each other.

We love what we do - and there is so much more out there that we don’t (yet) know about! That’s why we are always aiming for growth - not only on the organizational but also on the personal level. We embrace change, we see opportunities instead of problems, and we always stay curious.

We ensure a culture which makes it safe to fail - but to do so in the smartest way possible. By always being able to explain our decision and never compromise safety. When we fail, we learn - and that gives us the possibility for improvement in the future. 


Julian is a serial entrepreneur and has a background in product management. 99chairs, an online platform for interior design, was his biggest venture so far - including a team of 130 employees and +400 yearly growth rates. For this achievement Julian has been listed in Forbes 30 under 30 by the age of 27. With his 10 years of experience in building and scaling digital products he is now partner at YBA where they advice clients in all matters related their digital product or strategy as interims manager or on a project basis and also has a team to build these products. Whenever you have a challenge in digital business: Julian will find the best solution for you for sure.

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Her passion for people drove Julia to pursue a career in human resources. With her vast experience in head-of positions at various start-ups and medium-sized companies, she knows all the essential ingredients for a great company culture, for unleashing people’s potential and performance, and, ultimately, for strengthening your employer brand.

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Daniel excels at creating the perfect synthesis of a truly creative mindset and a thought-out, holistic, and cross-channel approach to marketing. In time of social media, where a strong brand is a key asset, he knows how to take it to the next level.

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  • you still manually report into excel on a weekly basis
  • y need to ask your salespeople to understand the sales pipeline
  • you have a high fluctuation in your sales department
  • you use a CRM which is not tailored to your sales organization
  • you need to generate more leads
  • you need a strategy to bring your product to the market

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