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Why your CRM should be owner by your Sales Department

Why your Sales Department 𝑵𝑶𝑻 owning your CRM system will leave you with a mess! 👏

In organizations, I often see sales teams that are disconnected from the CRM development and they quickly grow to be frustrated, ineffective, and hindered in their own development. That's why, in my view, it's vital for Sales to have a stake in the development and upkeep of the CRM system. 🎯

If Sales is excluded from this process it's like playing Chinese whispers with crucial business tools and we all know that the outcome can be more of a mess than a message! 😵‍💫

To solve I highly recommend a Revenue Operations figure who can bridge this gap and own the entire CRM process. They become the connecting link and the driver for well-aligned and efficient CRM operations. 🌉

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