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Felix Lütjann

Founders Associate / Strategic Assistant to the Founder

  • Lead Generation 🚹
  • Operational Sales 💸
  • Content Marketing📱

Felix works for Cremanski & Company since February 2020. In addition to various internal marketing and sales activities, he has specialized in numerous customer projects, especially in lead generation. Felix is ​​an expert in the field of acquisition with LinkedIn & XING. Thanks to his “Do-More-Than-Expected” mentality, he constantly develops new lead-gen approaches and then successfully implements them in various projects. Felix has already generated exciting and interesting leads for numerous customers of Cremanski & Company.

“Every lead-gen project is different. As target groups, product benefits, industries and targets in general are constantly changing, we adapt our lead gen to the requirements of our customers in a constructive way.”

Projects @ Cremanski & Company

  • Leadgeneration LinkedIn @ Layer; Kenjo; Pliant; Taktile; FKi; FIEGE (opticert)
  • Social Selling @ Axel Springer hy; Bell. Ventures
  • Social Selling XING & LinkedIn @ BONNIE!

Experience / Background

  • Bachelor Entrepreneurship @ HWR Berlin
  • Junior Sales Manager @ ShareHouse GmbH
  • Training as an industrial clerk @ Börger GmbH

#leadgeneration #linkedin #xing #bizdev #marketing #entrepreneurshipstudent #pianoandsoccer #loveourcoffeemachine

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  • y need to ask your salespeople to understand the sales pipeline
  • you have a high fluctuation in your sales department
  • you use a CRM which is not tailored to your sales organization
  • you need to generate more leads
  • you need a strategy to bring your product to the market

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