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How we work

With our data-driven employee centric approach we increase individual performance, reduce fluctuation and enable you to act and grow company performance by multiple x%


About US

Cremanski & Company is a sales consultancy based in Berlin, Germany. In more than ten years we have founded or helped to build a wide variety of companies in different industries. We have put together successful sales teams for our own company as well as for numerous other - and thus increased sales by more than 500% in less than a year.

In the rapidly growing companies we worked for before, we were used to working with very low budgets and therefore had to be very smart in order to meet our high targets. Well-designed processes have helped us enormously in increasing our performance. They have enabled us to act proactively instead of just reacting. You have helped us to create a fair and balanced working environment, which has driven the churn rates towards 0%. The best thing about it: We have achieved rapid growth rates at incredibly low costs.

With these success stories behind us, we want to share our knowledge. We believe that sales is a science that should be designed very carefully and in great detail to get better results and increase performance. Taking a data-driven and proactive management approach on your sales team will not only help your salespeople get better, but also make them enjoy their work.

Why? Because success at work and working in a well-structured work environment reduce stress levels, increase performance and thus lead to higher employee satisfaction. This will reduce your employee turnover in the long term.

We are here to help you do just that. In addition, our approach enables you to truly develop as a team, make proactive and up-to-date information-based decisions, reduce false predictions and increase both individual and overall performance.

Our Values

We see fairness as one of the most important things in our life. That is why we commit ourselves to always behave fairly and equitably towards all key players and to ask ourselves the question in everything we do: "Is what I am about to do fair towards customers, employees, partners, shareholders and families and friends and also - to ourselves? "

Good communication is essential - in every area of our life. For us, however, good communication does not mean always being as nice and friendly as possible and at the same time suppressing half of what you actually wanted to say because you want to wrap it up as nicely as possible. For us, good communication means radical honesty - in all areas.

When we commit to something, we deliver too! This not only affects our customers and partners, but is also one of the most important values for our work environment and our work ethic. We work together excellently and achieve incredible goals - this is only possible because we can rely on and trust each other.

We love what we do - and there is still so much out there that we do not (yet) know or do not know! That is why we constantly strive for growth, not only on an organizational level, but also on a personal level. We value change, see opportunities instead of problems in them and remain eager for new things.

We create a corporate culture that ensures that if we fail, we can do it safely and in the smartest possible way. Because we can always explain our decision and security is not a compromise for us. When we fail, we learn something about the possibility of doing better in the future.

We believe in taking ownership over the topics we are responsible for. For us, taking ownership means more than being responsible and accountable. Ownership means being resolute, solving problems & giving feedback proactively, not removing ourselves from liability, and owning the consequences of our actions.


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