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Michael J. Jäger

Founder & Managing Director

  • Sales Consulting 🗣
  • Due Diligence Sales Organisation 🕵🏼
  • Interim Management Sales 🎬
  • Coaching & Leadership Development 💥

Michael founded Cremanski & Company in 2018. Since then, as a managing director, he is responsible for all strategic company decisions. Michael is a broadly networked and experienced expert not only for structuring, but also for the development of highly scalable sales organizations. Individually adapted to the needs, the market and the business model of our customers, Michael always finds the right strategies and structures to achieve new sales targets at any time. Sales increases of up to 400% within one year and the management of 120 sales employees in 4 different countries Michael can write on his CV. In close consultation and coordination with our customers from all industries, he develops concepts for a more efficient and effective structuring of the sales team. With the help of automation and sales tools, he data-driven develops sales employees, highlights new potential and enables each individual to do their job and their passion – selling - better and even more efficiently. His credo: To improve the central role of the sales organization, the sales employee, through data-driven processes.

"If employees in sales are supported by well-implemented digital structures and processes, this will quickly have an impact on their efficiency and their sales figures."

Projects @ Cremanski & Company

  • Sales Consulting @ Sennder; Circula; OptioPay; PlusDental; Ceramtec; Axel Springer hy;; Inovisco Mobile Media; CodeControl
  • Interim Management as Global Vice President Sales @ Movinga
  • Due Diligence Sales Organisation @ Axel Springer hy 
  • Interim Management as Head of Sales @ Qunomedical 

Experience / Background

  • VP Growth @ 99chairs GmbH
  • Interim CEO Lufthansa Innovation Hub - Mission Control
  • Founder & Managing Director @ MQ Real Estate GmbH
  • Co-Founder & Head of Sales @ Todaytickets GmbH
  • Manager Operations @ JBM Just Book Mobile GmbH

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Signs you should contact us:

  • you still manually report into excel on a weekly basis
  • y need to ask your salespeople to understand the sales pipeline
  • you have a high fluctuation in your sales department
  • you use a CRM which is not tailored to your sales organization
  • you need to generate more leads
  • you need a strategy to bring your product to the market

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