Anton Zimmerlin

Business Development Intern

  • Leadgenerierung 🚹
  • Marketing📱

Since November 2020 Anton Z. has been supporting our team in all internal and external marketing, sales and HR activities. His numerous good ideas incorporate into the further development of our business and he implements them at a remarkable pace.

Lead generation for customers is now also one of his specialties. His experience in online trading - Anton has already founded his first own online business - is skillfully interwoven into all projects.

Projects @ Cremanski & Company

  • Leadgeneration LinkedIn @ Wunderdog
  • Leadgeneration LinkedIn @ PolarSquad
  • Leadgeneration LinkedIn @ KDP BioMed GmbH
  • Leadgeneration LinkedIn @ BONNIE!

#leadgeneration #linkedin #bizdev #marketing #drummer

Experience / Background

  • Business Development Intern @ Cremanski & Company
  • Founder @ Wantedbikers

Signs you should contact us:

  • you still manually report into excel on a weekly basis
  • y need to ask your salespeople to understand the sales pipeline
  • you have a high fluctuation in your sales department
  • you use a CRM which is not tailored to your sales organization
  • you need to generate more leads
  • you need a strategy to bring your product to the market

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