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Scaling Revenue through Growth Architecture

We help B2B SaaS Startups and Scaleups to achieve efficient and predictable Growth and to increase Customer Retention.



To align their Revenue Process across the entire Customer Journey

To align Strategy, Processes, Tech Stack, People & Data

To enable the Leadership to scale the Business efficiently with reliable, data-based Insights

Our entire range of services at a glance:

Our Company Brochure contains clear information on our services (Consulting, System Implementation, Sales Services & Coaching, Sales Recruiting Services) as well as interesting facts about us, our company values and project successes, including expert advice!
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Vision & Goals

As the ground work of our cooperation we will thoroughly challenge your Unique Value Proposition and the strategic roadmap to your sustainable competitive position. That's essential to lay the foundation for your revenue architecture as we need to understand what strategic milestones you have set for the next period and what steps we can derive from them.

Business Model

When business transformation occurs, things change on the business model side. But at the same time customers' behaviours are not adjusting accordingly. We help you align your business model and the behaviour of your clients by validating pricing, defining bundling and packaging, monetization model while secure a scalable cost structure at unit economics the same time.

Go To Market

Your revenue apparatus and your go-to-market approach are the key to success. The way you ultimately succeed in generating added value for your customers is one of the supreme disciplines in building a Tech business. In order to help you with your Go To Market Motion we work closely on aligning your customer journey, sales strategy, processes, systems and employees.

Data Model

In SaaS it's all about recurring revenue, right? Although recurring revenue is the result of recurring impact many SaaS Startups do not design their Customer Journey beyond the initial purchase. We help your team to operationalize a process that may quadruple your customers' lifetime value by ensuring the Customer Success team satisfies needs and constantly creates value.

Insights based Optimization

Groomed, reliable and accurate data is crucial for a revenue architecture to enable right decisions and data-driven leadership. Because we already know, select and implement the right systems & tools tailored to your specific revenue processes, through insights you will be able to understand blockages and root causes, identify growth levers, evaluate and manage progress towards business goals.

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Our team consists of over 50 employees with 15 different nationalities. Since many of our team members speak two or even three languages, we can not only say "Your Digital Sales Experts" in 16 different languages, but also learn from our unique team every day. Cremanski & Company believes in the power of diversity and the power of uniqueness. This gives us the opportunity every day to think outside the box, take on new perspectives and develop innovative approaches to solutions - and that makes us stronger, all together!

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