Revenue operations as a service

Revenue Operations focuses on the underlying processes, analytics, enablement and reporting of these departments to drive collaboration and revenue growth across the organisation.

Revenue Operations is the intersection between all revenue related departments in the company including growth, sales, marketing and customer success. Revenue Operations focuses on the underlying Processes, Analytics, Enablement and Reporting of these departments to drive revenue collaboration and growth across the organization.

Our team contains of highly experienced Sales- and/or Revenue Operations Expert who analyze and optimize your processes and tools. By embedding one of our team members in the day-to-day of your organization, we can massively increase the performance and efficiency of the sales organization and create the basis for sustainable, data-driven growth. So that your departments can also benefit immediately, we have developed an innovative approach:


How Revenue Operations as a Service boosts your performance

Process Excellence: We oversee all revenue related processes & develop them further.
Benefit: Drive team collaboration, increase conversions, shorten sales-cycles and maximize sales profits.
Sales Intelligence: We design, set up and monitor metrics for the operational and strategic control of the organization. 
Benefit: Enable data-driven decisions that drive the growth of the entire organization.
Forecasting & Pipeline Health: Monitoring and analysis of the current pipeline & implementation of early warning systems and forecasts. 
Benefit: React quicker on fluctuations in leadgen or acquisition.
Team Performance & Data Management: We oversee the performance of the individual employees and their data maintenance in the CRM system. 
Benefit: Transparency for management about the strengths and weaknesses of individual employees as a basis for feedback discussions.
Interface Management: Conception and setting up of the procedural and technical interfaces to other departments such as Marketing & Operations.
Benefit: Efficient handover processes within the growth department.
Technology & Innovation: Continuous optimization of the system landscape & introduction of new technologies to drive automation in the process. Benefit: Maximize the efficiency of the sales force.

The New Status Quo

60% higher data quality
90% less compensation errors
+350% Use of sales documentation
28% increased sales productivity
10% annual sales growth
+30% higher number of sales leads
20% reduced fluctuation
+80% time saving 

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Our expert for Revenue Operations as a service

Michael Jäger | Founder & CEO

In 2018 I founded Cremanski & Company and have been making all strategic company decisions as managing director since then. I am a broadly networked and experienced expert in structuring, developing and building highly scalable sales organizations. For every need, every market and every business model, I find individual solutions, suitable strategies and the right structures to achieve set sales targets. Sales increases of up to 400% within one year, over 5 million monthly revenue and the successful management of 120 sales employees in 4 different countries are among my greatest successes. In close coordination with all our customers from all industries, I develop concepts for efficiently structuring your sales team. I will get every potential out of your sales employees and turn them into successful sales managers. My credo: Make the central role of the sales organization better and more efficient through data-driven processes!

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