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The current situation harbors a number of risks due to the coronavirus and its consequences. So far, many companies have had to struggle with a sharp drop in sales and send employees on short-time work.

Like any crisis situation, the current time also harbors opportunities that you should take advantage of. It offers the time to change something and the opportunity to reevaluate and optimize existing structures and processes.

BAFA's “promotion of entrepreneurial know-how” aims to give companies the opportunity to get professional help with process optimization in-house. This is funded within the framework of the funding program with a funding rate of up to 80%. The funding rate depends on the type of company and region - here you will find an overview of the different funding rates.

Which topics the advice includes

Sales driver. We focus on your current challenges and determine how costs can be saved and performance can be optimized.

We analyze the condition of your entire sales organization; from the strategy, through the sales arguments and sales documents to structures and processes and the structure of the systems.

As a result of this analysis you will receive an assessment of the current state of your sales organization and additional clear and quickly implementable recommendations for action for the individual topics.



Introductory meeting with Cremanski & Company: You describe your challenges to us and we explain the further procedure and the funding requirements. In addition, before submitting an application, start-ups and companies in difficulty must have a free conversation with a BAFA contact person about the grant requirements - existing companies are free to do so.


Apply for and receive funding: Then, with our help, fill out the BAFA application form online and submit it. You will receive the positive BAFA notification by post and the project will start.


The Due Diligence: We analyze your sales strategy, sales arguments, sales materials, the processes and your CRM system. We hold discussions with the management, sales managers and employees.


Analysis of results & recommendation for action: We analyze the results of the due diligence and put together a catalog of measures that can be implemented quickly, with the help of which you can optimize your sales performance.

Who can apply for this funding from BAFA?

According to BAFA, the following companies are eligible to apply:
  • Young companies that have not been on the market for more than two years (start-up companies) and companies from the third year after they were founded (existing companies)
  • Companies that are in economic difficulties - regardless of company age (companies in difficulties)
  • The companies must be based in the Federal Republic of Germany and comply with the EU definition of medium-sized companies for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Companies and members of the liberal professions, consultants (e.g. tax consultants, management consultants), lawyers, non-profit companies and non-profit associations and foundations cannot be funded.
  • The applicant must not have filed for bankruptcy or meet the conditions of bankruptcy.


Register in just 5 minutes on the BAFA website using the following link:

Apply for funding here

Important information on the registration form:

- Startups are companies that have existed for less than 2 years
- Control center: DIHK Cremanski & Company GmbH
- BAFA ID: 165732
- Implementing consultant: Michael Jäger
- Business sector classification: Please refer to the following table for the identification number of your sector: Industry classification

Secure your funding now, our advice can also take place at a later date.


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  • Ist die Bezuschussung durch das BAFA bei mir möglich?
  • Welche Corona-bedingten Probleme gibt es?
  • Wie kann Cremanski & Co  helfen?


  • Free initial consultation to check basic questions
  • Can I receive a grant from BAFA?
  • What corona-related problems are there?
  • How would the sales due diligence work specifically?
  • How can Cremanski & Company help?